Fear of Overeating

I love Man vs. Food. Maybe I’m masochistic. Maybe it’s just fun to watch other people stuff their faces. But I love seeing the crazy things Adam eats….especially if it involves mexican food or ice cream.

I’m not really affected by watching the show except for the resounding affirmations that eating that much food is totally gross. I don’t crave the junk he stuffs into his mouth….which is probably a good thing. This is probably because I have put up this fear of overeating….which is NOT a good thing.

Obviously, when you try to eat healthy, you have to watch your portion sizes. You can’t eat a bag of nuts, twenty pieces of whole grain bread, or a gallon of milk without having negative side effects. The problem is, when you start getting on the diet train, it can be very hard to get off and actually eat ENOUGH food to fuel the muscles you’re building and to give you energy throughout the day.

I know that I should never drop below 1200 calories…below that, your body kicks into starvation mode and hangs on to all of the fat. I’ve been eating around 1500 calories for a while now, which is a number that keeps me satisfied. But does it give me all of the vitamins and minerals I need? Does it feed my body so that is working at its optimum level? I have more muscle than I did six months ago…should I be eating more?


I did an analysis of the carb/fat/protein ratio of the foods I’m eating everyday and I was shocked to find out that I wasn’t eating enough carbs. Carbs are fuel. Carbs are good. I need more carbs. But when I think of adding calories to my 1500 a day limit, I get worried. Am I stopping myself from losing the extra fat? Am I slowing down my progress?

And yet, if I listened to my body, I’d discover that my progress had already slowed. I’ve been sitting pretty for a while and I hit to shake it up. INCREASING food intake can be one way to do that. How can I expect to work out harder if my body doesn’t have the fuel? But….I’m still hestitant…should I go up to 1700? Is it too high? What about 1600?

The numbers get ridiculous. But I’m not going to let them stop me. I’m going back to the basics: getting the right amount of servings of each food group a day….aside from vegetables and fruits, the amount of protein and fat varies per person. Jillian Michael’s has a test you can take in her book Making the Cut that tells you how your body oxidizes food. This changes the ratio of carbs to protein to fat your body needs.

Here’s to eating more…and enjoying every bite.


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